We're in the flat!

Listen, we're going to post more tomorrow (Wednesday), but I (Dizz) just wanted you all to know we are afely moved into our new flat (apartment). Bounder, it turns out, is very cool:

In addition, they have a cat named Wolfgang. We have a pic of him as well, but it's of his rear, and we will get a better one soon. I just wanted to let you know we are fine, safe, and happy. We spent the whole evening with our new flatmates Leigh and Jason (who is also a "J.D.", by the way!) and had a great meal and a really chill day. I'll leave you for the day with a picture of the outside of our new home (The lowest window on the left is our bedroom...wait'll you see the view!):

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Anonymous said...

leave it to you guys to find some "cool cat" that like Mozart!?