Lots of new stuff!

Things are happening rapidly for us now. Scroll down for previous updates. In the meanwhile, here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

This is Wolfgang, our flatmates cat. He is 14 and purrs easily. Also, he is on my lap right now.

This is our new bedroom. It's the best angle I could get, so you can't see the chez lounge off to the right, nor our own private bathroom with a shower that has GREAT pressure. We are borrowing the bed from Leigh and Jason, who were even kind enough to help us set it up.

The back deck and garden. A bit rainy today, but the window to the right leads to Jason's office, and the windows on the left are what the kitchen sink overlooks. Nice view when doing dishes, and so I personally don't mind doing them here. Baby G never minded doing them, but I think likes the view as well.

This is the view from the living room, which is essentially the same view from our bedroom right below that. Again, rainy when this was taken, but even then you get an idea of what we get to wake up to every morning. Not too shabby.


Jake said...

Crap, I'm all behind on these developments! I'm glad you got down there and are still alive, or at least that the people that killed you and harvested your precious American organs have decided to keep up the facade of you being alive by posting pictures. Either one is good, though I feel you should know as your friend I PREFER THE FIRST. I know, I'm great.

Anyway, everything looks awesome! I'm super happy for / jealous of you hooligans. Keep it comin'! Lotsa love.

Phyllis said...

Hey guys, I am so glad oyu made it safely and you found a place to live. Looks like you are having a good time so far, I AM JEALOUS! I got your note that you sent to Toledo but unfortunately the envelope was ripped on the side and the storage key is lost in the mail.
I look forward to following you in your travels. Baby G I have no new gossip becuase I haven't really been out.....But I promise soon I will give you updates.
Love YA!