For Paul, Skippy, Chris Agne, and Dad

This is what we saw on part of the walk we took today.

And this is the path to Buckleberry Ferry in the first movie.
Dad, Paul: Pretty cool, huh?
Skippy, Chris: Quit judging. This is badass and you know it. :P

We think we may have found a house in one of the outer suburbs of Wellington. It's a 5 bedroom but the couple who owns it is only renting out one room, so it looks like it's ours. It's NZ$700 a month which is about $480US. BG just walked into the room as I type this waving her keycard in the air and smiling. Looks like we got a flat, kids. That means a mailing address and telephone number are soon to follow.

We chose it even though they have a dog (who is very shy. He's named "Bounder") because Jason, the husband, is outdoorsy and techie, and Leigh, the wife, is not only a chef but is a small-time guitar player. Everything's coming up BG&D today.

The walk back to the hostel was our first foray into the 'tramping' experience...it was about an hour long and took us through a forest and over Mt. Victoria. It;s there that they filmed that scene from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. So we got a lot of blood flowing to our limbs and got to be outdoors on a beautiful day.

Posting will be easier soon as Jay and Leigh have wireless at the house. We move in Monday at 11:00am, which is this Sunday evening at around 5:00 for all of you.

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. We'll look forward to chatting you up soon.



Paul said...

Sweet! Good on yer! You've already completed one objective of taking a pic of a LotR location.

Are they a NZ native couple?

Skippy said...

The couple sounds just about perfect for ya'll and you can't beat having a dog named Bounder.

How old is the couple?

Dizz, you must be in walking heaven out there. Whats the traffic in the city like?

ps: find a talking tree and i'l be far less judgemental.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I finally got your blog and have posted it in my favorties. Looks like you have gotten yourselves pretty well set up. Keep on posting(sic), I like to imagine myself at the edge of the universe.

What is the strangest Kiwi saying yous have heard?

Anonymous said...

Oh man that is awesome. Must resist urge to quote LOTR in a clever way here...

Anonymous said...

That is cool. I cannot wait for the next blog! Glad to hear all is going well for you two so far.

Peong said...

the couch at jake and jenns, and you guys on the road to buckleberry ferry, looks like the next hobbit hoedown is a ways away...