So it's really happened

As was promised, it's baby G here, contributing to the blog FINALLY. And we made it. The trip over was a beast, but we didn't kill each other (yet) after flying for far too many hours in coach. The food on Air Pacific is not great(and strangly enough, we both really like airplane food - don't judge -) and our patience and tempers dwindled and flared. But the point of this is that we are finally in Wellington - a (from what we can tell so far) larger, funkier, less crowded and MUCH less annoying Adams Morgan. We are liking what we see.

The people here have been kind and helpful to us, but it's only because they haven't gotten to know us yet, and we know that soon we'll be tossed out of pubs and museums for being far too American. That said, we'll yuck it up until that point.

Our hotel for the next couple days is about the size of our closet in DC. -Those Kiwis are so petite! And that water pressure in the shower is... well, it's hot. But we had a lovely carpet picnic of Turkish pizza (pide) last night, from "Abra-Kebab-Ra," and wait for it, watched Lord of the Rings on TV. -We must of found the 24 hour LOTR channel.

So now we're off to grab some lunch, check out the city museum, and look into some more long term housing options. We miss and love you.
baby g and diz


Anonymous said...

we know that soon we'll be tossed out of pubs and museums for being far too American.

Just try to resist telling them that we in America are invincible and they have their land only at our whim and you should be fine:)

Skippy said...

That may be my new favorite vaugely offensive restaurant name yet.

Anonymous said...

revj says:
how come NZ looks an awful lot like Western Michigan??? Ehhh - Dizz?

Peong said...

what? no cricket yet?