As Promised: In-n-Out Burgers!

We made it!

That's right, folks, we did it! I (Dizzle) have been talking about little else regarding Los Angeles than having a burger from the famous In-n-Out burger chain located here on the west coast.

The closest one to our hotel was 1.68 miles according to the map on the website. So, this afternoon, we hoofed it over there. It was 70 degrees and sunny here today, so it was a perfect day for a walk.

After grabbing the food (reasonably priced, by the way), we walked back and had a carpet-picnic on the hotel room floor.

And how did it taste? The verdict is in.

Baby G: Fries, D. Not so much cuz everything's trying to be all healthier out here, and they didn't contain the trans-fats I require.
Burger, A. Delicioso!

Dizzle: Fries, B-. Agreed. 100% colesterol free is a good thing, but I would've almost rather had Fritos.
Burger, A. Easy. This is one of the best fast-food burgers I've ever had, and that's saying a lot. As enjoyable to eat as a White Castle Slyder (for very different reasons), and as filling as a Big Mac. It blows Sonic, Checkers, Wendy's and BK out of the water.

There you have it, kids! If you get a chance to come out here, it is recommended by two people you can trust.

Next episode: How are the burgers in New Zealand? We'll try to let you know within the week. Until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Paul said...

Awesome guys! have fun and bon voyage. Tried to call you today from Montreal, but the celly was deactivated.

Paul & Sue

Anonymous said...

Stupid Blogger trashed my previous attempt at a comment about how you wouldn't complain about In 'n' Out fries being "too healthy" if you ordered them "animal style." You'll have to try it next time.

Hope you guys are safe & happy in New Zealand by now! Can't wait to see the pics!