Day 3

What's up everyone. Baby G and Diz again, and we are happy to report that we're still alive. We are out of our teeny hotel and into a hostel that seems pretty great. Apartment hunting for a more permanent place to hang our hats is taking up a lot of our time, but we're still getting a lot of chances to see the sights of the capital city, Wellington.

Yesterday, we saw a very "punny" street performer named "Slim Pickins" who swallowed a sword before our very eyes! We'll post pics as soon as we're on our own computer (and hopefully not paying alot for access!) -And then we went grocery shopping. -Some things don't change no matter where you are. The grocery store was just like the ones back in the US, but some of the brand names were different. Also, the chocolate here is like that in England - SWEET. It's all made by cadbury, and so two days ago we bought a KitKat bar with cookiedough to split...

We're still working on it.

Anyway, that's the news for now. We love you and miss you and hope you're well. Feel free to drop a line in the 'comments' section whenever you want. We'll receive it and try to reply when we've got a place to crash. In the meantime, Peace.

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Test. Just seeing how it works for others. Be good! ~Dizz