Happy Holidays (and all that)!

Well, BG and I have finished up celebrating Christmas with each family. We've had a lovely couple weeks and are leaving for LA in well under 48 hours. We'll be able to post from there, but after that your guess is as good as ours as to when there might be another post. We'll certainly try our best.

In the meantime, please enjoy this anecdonte.
Our time in NY/NJ has been split primarily between Warwick, NY, Ridgewood, NJ, and Manhattan. We've been taking busses, borrowing cars, riding along with people and walking a ton. Last week, Baby G's dad Chemical Bridge came up to us with a fun 'send-off' gift. He had scored a couple seats to the James Brown concert in northern Jersey and wanted to know if we felt like tagging along. We said, "Hell, yes," or something to that effect and he managed to grab us two tickets right behind where he and Lady T would be sitting.

Fast forward to Christmas Night. I'm sitting in Chemical Bridge's office with D, Baby G's sister, watching an episode of "Lost", when I hear BG calling me from the kitchen. "Diz? You better c'mere..." Don't pretend you don't know the end of this story. The bad news is James Brown died. The good news is that now Chemical has four tickets to his concert that if he frames, keeps in mint condition, and forgets about, will be worth a ton of money in about 25-30 years. So, you know, RIP, but at least there's that.

Thanks for such a wonderful send off and close to '06. We've had a really nice time and are looking forward to trading stories about the next 6 months. To those whom we haven't seen in the last 2 weeks: You're not far from our thoughts. We miss you already, and please pour some out to our homies in DC next time you have any of that 40oz. to spare.

Peace out, Happy New Year, and we'll see you in LA.


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