Going Away Gift

Thanks Patrick and Erika for the beautiful little video you made for us! It's on YouTube now -- to view it, just click on the link!


Skippy said...

Thats something truly awesome. Laugh out loud funny and tear inducing. Nice job, elves.

Anonymous said...

That was cool. You have some funny friends!

Jake said...

-"Rhythm of the Night" always reminds me of Berry Gordy's "The Last Dragon" which is better than anything Shakespeare ever did.
-Ample doses of sexy, sexy Covington.

-No me, unless you count my blurred face in the picture from the Pirate Porn viewing, and that picture is clearly all about Erin K, and no way does she outrank me in anything, in fact I bet I could get her to clean my gutters like tonight if I had any gutters.

Anyway, don't worry about the couch... it has a very good home... MWAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA....

Anonymous said...

Absolutely awesome! Pictures of the famed couch (which is in OUR apartment!) will be up on my blog within minutes.

Erika and Patrick, I applaud you.