Phase V - Bye, DC... Hello, NY!

"Bye, Apartment!" This picture means, of course, you will never see another picture of our apartment ever again. For those of you who've been complaining that all there is to this blog is pictures of our apartment, I've done this for you. For everyone else who didn't think there was a problem, here's a cute picture of BG saying "Peace!"

Rev. J planned a surprise meeting yesterday morning of everyone in BOTH families getting together for a meal. It was not as scary as you might think, and everyone had a lovely time. Especially Molly, it seems. Her top priority was offering and then grabbing back an old tube of Blistex from The Chemical Bridge (Baby G's Dad. These nicknames were all explained in a previous post. You'll have to go back to read what the hell I'm talking about). It was pretty funny. Here's a picture of everyone in the same room as proof that this happened.

1 week till Christmas, 11 days till LA, 13 days till we're in a land where the quickest, cheapest way to see us will be to dig real deep and not stop. :)

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Jake said...

This is just screaming to have bin Laden photoshopped in there somewhere. Or at the very least Ted Nugent.

Merry Christmaggeddon! I mean Christmas. Yes.