12/2006 pics

Jocelyn, one third of the Ridgewood Power Trio (with Baby G and Jamie). Caption: "Having my picture taken is excellent!"

Jamie & Tony (Sorry they're not in the same pic. We swear they're engaged!)

Dizzle's Sister Ya and her hubby Murph

BG&D w/ Paul & Sue ... in a New Jersey diner! Our waitress took the picture, which was amazing since we are pretty sure she'd never seen a camera before.

Jasper & Nezzie


kieno said...

Hey you guys! Long time no see! I hope the Holidays are rockin for you. Too bad I won't be on the east side this New Year. :(

Anonymous said...

That cat in the last picture looks really scared. Did you sneak up on it in a Snopy costume or something? :)