We made it to the South Island!!

We'd written a post, and saved it to our USB chip so we could cut and paste it, but these computers don't have a USB drive - just a slot to put in your $2 coin for 30 minutes of internet time. Sigh.

Well, we have some pictures already we're looking forward to showing you all, but for right now, suffice it to say we're fine -- a little wet, but fine. If you'd like to google where we are, it's Nelson, New Zealand.

We'll blog more soon, hopefully with pics, but we wanted you to know we are officially out of Jason and Leigh's (Thanks, again, Guys!) and are roaming free in a tiny little Nissan Sunny that has manual windows and (only) an AM/FM stereo.

There's gonna be a ton to share - looking forward to it.

Love to all. Peace.


Paul said...

Nelson? Haw Haw!

sorry, couldn't help thinking about the Simpsons on that one. Glad to hear you are well (still waiting for the Nina blog post)

Mmm I wish I was on a tropical island. Smell ya later!

(I can't believe "Smell you later" replaced "goodbye" while you were gone)

Eric said...

LOL Paul.

And a Nissan Sunny? Ok, you've offically left your manhood behind;) When you get back the first thing we will need to do is get you into a giant jacked up truck and drive you around for a good half hour;)