Welcome back everybody, thanks for following with us so far.

The last shift went swimmingly, and Dizzle, despite his new haircut, was told it was a shame he has to go and if he ever needs a recommendation, they've got his back. We worked with a guy we like named Andrew. We couldn't post his picture for reasons we can't even begin to explain here. Suffice it to say, he's a lot of fun, and we hope he does well.

Ken came by last night. We listened to music and talked and had a few drinks, and then we said goodbye to him, as well. We suppose it'll be a week of goodbyes as well as fun things - that's the way it goes sometimes.

Baby G got her finger redressed for the final time at the Kilbirnie Medical Centre this morning. And folks, no matter how relieved YOU are to hear, it doesn't compare to how relieved SHE was to SEE...


Finally, it looks as if it's healing:

We may or may not go back to a med stop in Christchurch before we head back, but we'll see how it's holding up. We may just deal with the end of it in Jersey.

Tonight is rugby, and tomorrow is Chinese brunch with a ton of other people, followed by a small going-away get together at the Upper Bourke St. house for homemade PAVLOVA. We're grabbing the recipe, don't worry.

More updates to come, but we're looking forward to hopping on a boat. Then a car. Then a plane.

And we'll be thinking of you through it all.

More to come,


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Peong said...

Have a great end to your trip! See you back stateside!