The Airport & The Hospital ... In One Day!

Well, after working our first week at the Wellington Airport, we've learned a few things:

  1. Waking up at 2:30am for a 4am shift is stupid, and still definitely nightime. It's not "morning," no matter what your schedule says.
  2. There's a shortcut to work.
  3. Don't let Baby G near the coffee grinder, because bad things will happen...

Last night, just before 7pm, Baby G had a "queue" of customers, and no freshly ground coffee with which to work, in order to be the barista she pretends to be. Dizzle was off, trying to find something or other (ideally one of the managers, who have a nasty tendancy to disappear) when Baby G attempted to "fix" the coffee grinder, showing that "go-get-em" attitude she's oh-so-known for. Not being able to "suss" out the grinder situation, and the queue growing longer and longer, she tipped the machine back and forth, hoping this would dislodge whatever was hindering her grinding process. -That's when it slipped, and her right index finger, instead of the coffee, got ground up. -Nice one, G.

Naturally, this resulted in an inevitable fucking off of the customers, and immediate tears on Baby G's part. -Yeah, crying at work. Again, nice.

Not surprisingly, after looking for, calling for, and waiting for an elusive manager, Baby G unleashed a torrent of expletives, and went in search of some first aid, a ride to the ER, and someone on whom to release said torrent.

Manager Moni was found, who offered BG a plaster, or "Bandaid", upon whom previously mentioned torrent was released, and he subsequently offered she & Diz a ride to the ER. (F that guy.)

That done, onto Wellington Hospital!

Once at the ER (and let it be known that Mgr. Moni is a fast yet recklass driver resulting in a further frightening experience) we began to wait to see a doctor...And waited...And waited...filled out some paperwork...And waited...asked how much longer it'd be...And waited...And waited...another torrent of expletives...And waited...no whammies, no whammies, no whammies, no whammies, and STOP!! BINGO!!

Okay, so were in, we're pumped, we're ready to get BG stiched up, and sent on our way... But that's too easy...No, here, we waited some more...And more...And more...And more...(it's somewhat reassuring, no? - That hospital beauracracy is the same no matter where in the world you are. I bet Carmen Sandiego wasn't able to count on that) ...And more...

Doctor Nina (no lie) comes in and after examining Baby G, informs us that no stitches can be done, as there aren't any 2 parts of skin to stitch together anymore. ...Nice...

A bandage, some antispetic, a Tetnus shot, and some divine karma, is all we are counting on, other than another trip to a different Doctor tomorrow. But for the time being, with the equivalent of Workman's Comp (ACC) paying for Baby G to take a few days off...

An open wound it must remain!

For Jake & Jenn, Baby G hollers, "For Rohan! ...I will scar myself with the machine of the evil Emporio Coffee Orc!"

Oh, and today, after going into work and filling out all the red tape paperwork for this accident, we learned that there is a 24 hour emergency medical support unit ON SITE AT THE AIRPORT -- just in case this sorta thing happens.



Aly said...

Poor Baby G and her fresh ground finger! I hope you're feeling better today. Sending you hugs from DC.
Love you, miss you.

Peong said...

The best part of waking up (at 2:30am) is definitely NOT Baby G in your cup. Coffee cup that is. A different cup might be completely enjoyable, though why you might wear one of those to bed is beyond me. Is that part of your Cubs fantasy Dizzle? And who wears the stirrups?

Can you tell its the end of the day on Friday?

I hope you heal quickly BG.

Jenn said...

Thinking about your poor finger. Enjoy the workman's comp, though.

Thanks for the shout-out!

Paul said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through that, Nina... I hope you heal quickly.

Sue and I love you and miss you too.

btw, when I put in your scavenger hunt the objective "get some universal health care" this is *not* what I meant. Sheesh the length you guys'll go too...

Jake said...

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Paul said...

wow jake, that just got me a bit pumped at work....

and now I'm a bit confused by these funny tingly feelings I'm having....

Meredith-Clarissa said...

Neeners... I hope you are feeling okay. Sending a long distance kiss for your boo-boo.

Jor I got a good ole fashion cheek smooch for you. Miss you both, but I know that your adventures are plentiful. Love you always!

Melisa K. said...

hey, at least it's never boring with you two! hope the finger is healing quickly!! =)