A new look

We saw, the other day, when we were logging into Blogger, that there is a new feature that's let's you post videos from Youtube on the main post and people don't have to navigate away from your page to see it. We thought this was pretty cool, as we had seen a great video of otters holding hands, and it was something we thought everyone would enjoy otherwise they have no soul.

Instead, we found we had to "customize blog" template and layout and really get into the inner code of the appearance of the blog. Since we had the day off, and Baby G is feeling much better (thanks, btw, everyone, for the comments and emails!), we decided to check it out.

As it turns out, we were able to get that video of otters on the blog, and all you have to go to watch is click it -- it'll play on bigger screen on the top of the page. We could NOT, however, get Patrick and Erika's going away present to us to go there, nor Scott's first music video, so we'll look into that more and update you accordingly.

In the meantime, we gave the blog a makeover! The colors are now a little more "kiwi" than they were, and Baby G had a good time posting photos on the right for all to view. Also, we were able to add our friend Jamie's webpage to the side, as well. You should all check it out if you have a chance.

We're doing okay right now - taking it easy when we can. South Island countdown in 27 Days.
Happy Anniversary to elisha and Eric!
Congrats on Upcoming Nuptuals to Jake and Jenn!
Love to all!

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