POST Post Script (This isn't what this blog is about!)

In regards to the last post:

I've now tried to go there twice, and niether time were they open (though both times were within the hours posted online. I even called ahead for one trip!).

I just got done writing them a scathing letter, which Baby G won't let me cut-and-paste here because it makes me "That Guy", and this blog is about New Zealand, not delicious hand-dipped donuts. However, you should all know, if you're in the DC area, that this place SOUNDS worth trying, but won't be open when you get there. Word of Warning from a Dizz.


(i am the only guy i know getting this pissed off about donuts - don't judge)

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Eric said...

Word up party people!

Don't worry about your doughnut anger. I get the same way whenever I am denied any pastry.