Hi everybody.

Today is October 9th, 2006; Columbus Day. Yesterday, Sunday, our friend Kevin came over and gave us our first ever computer tutorial. It's amazing that both Baby G and I have made it through the last decade with no idea how to burn a CD, much less take an ambitious trip such as the one on which we are about to embark. But now we're prepared. Kevin taught us how to get music online, save it, make it listentoable on a CD player, load Baby G's iPod (one of the first things she put on it was Chicago. Not the musical; the band. And Pat Benatar. My friend Skippy will be stoked. Everyone else, just bear with me. I'm working on her, but she was ballet dancing through the whole grunge era and missed a lot.), and a whole lot more. We owe him much. So, Kevin, I'll put this out there: I'm going to do my absolute best to get the T-shirt you won from www.ytmnd.com for you. Oh, and we'll pick you up something bitchin' in New Zealand, too. :)

Still putting money away. A couple major purchases before we quit our jobs near Thanksgiving. A couple doctor's appointments, student loan stuff, etc. But we're getting there, and therefore so are you.

Keep reading. This is gonna be so rad.
On the home stretch,

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