Right outta the gate!

Thanks, Everyone who's been checking this - I know we haven't updated in awhile. Hopefully that'll change soon.

We got back from a fruitless effort to make a little money in Washington, DC about a week ago, and have moved in with my folks (Rev. J and the Divine Mama) in Warwick, NY. It's been slow going, adjusting to being back in the USA, but we knew things would start to feel better once we are gainfully employed.

...and though it's not full time, and we are still looking, yesterday I was hired on as the newest addition to the waitstaff of Gotham Comedy Club, on 23rd and 7th in Manhattan. I start training Thursday and couldn't be more excited.

We'll keep you in the loop as events progress, but so far, we are feeling pretty positive and are looking forward to starting a new, post-NZ life together.

Keep an eye here for more to come.


kreeson said...

Jordan - congrats on the job. lets go celebrate by seeing transformers.

you know the place is blocks from my apt right?

Eric said...

NOw that you have a job in NYC, remember to work on your "I'M WALK'en HERE!" for yelling at cab drivers.