If Only Our Nissan Sunny Were a Helicopter: Makarora to Queenstown

We woke up in the middle of mountains and very little else so we could hit the road to Queenstown. The road was very twisty and turny, but we had great weather and got some wonderful pictures of the valleys and the colors of a New Zealand autumn.

On the way, we stopped at Puzzling World. This is an amazing place that is devoted to optical illusions and puzzles. There was a whole room you could walk into that was tilted. All the furniture and settings were also tilted, though, so your eyes and your head told your balance it was wrong. Okay, look, we'll show you:

It also had a walk-in maze, which was a lot of fun. We got to this place right when they opened, so we had the outdoor maze to ourselves. Not unlike "The Shining", only without Jack. We're pretty sure. The whole experience left us a little dizzy and disoriented, so of course the first thing we wanted to do was twist and turn our way an hour's south to Queenstown.

Queenstown is nothing like either one of us had pictured. First of all, it's not a big city. You hear a lot about Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown as the big four cities, but Queenstown is a smallish city nestled in between giant mountains. We asked a Swiss girl at the backpackers who said it reminded her of home, and we'd imagine that's true.

We'd brought, all the way from home, a few discs with which to play disc golf. Baby G had never played, and Dizzle hadn't played in awhile, so he decided to teach her. There is a beautiful course where he's from in New York, and it's always nice to try out new ones. It was the right move. Though the course was poorly marked, there were some hazards he'd never had to contend with before: grass seed, amazing views, and ducks. Right around the 13th hole, there were something like a million ducks wandering around. We didn't aim for them, we let them play through. A good time was had by all – and we think we managed to stay even with par... we aren't really sure, as we didn't play all 18 holes. Like we said, the course was pretty poorly marked.

That was pretty much it for the day. We fell asleep early knowing it would be a pretty full day tomorrow, too.

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