We have good news, and strange news:

Hey Everybody! As the title suggests, we have two types of news for you:

Good news: We got our plane tickets back to the States. We fly into Philly May 10th. We both have solid work leading up to the 30th of April, when we'll take the ferry to the South Island and explore Southward until we fly out of Christchurch. So, there you have it. Dizzle has been temping at a flea market for the last three days bussing tables in their food court, and both BG&D will be working at the Wellington Airport until the end of April. Some of the shifts there START at 4:00am! Ah, time. Which brings us to

Strange news: Not long ago, you all in the States recognized Daylight Savings Time, in which you all "Sprang Forward". So the time difference between us and you went from 6 hours to 7. Well, here in NZ, we just recognized it as well, and because it's autumn, we "Fell Back" an hour. Now the time difference is 8 hours - something we never saw coming in all the planning and travel books. Leigh says this time zone in NZ is the best because it's exactly 12 hours from Greenwich Mean Time, so the math is easier. We can't comprehend why one would need to know what time it is in Greenwich, England all the time, but we're fans of anything that makes the math easier for people, so rock on.

That's what we have for you so far. Updates this month regarding airport work, sleepiness, and more travel plans. Stay tuned. :)

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