More thoughts from the vineyard

Well, if you've been willing to read any of this blog so far, maybe you're willing to read a bit farther. We've gotten some good feedback on some of the last posts, and we're waiting for some other people to sit down and catch up with what we've been doing over a glass (or bottle) of wine.

You should know that living with Barnsey was basically what Dizzle's place would've been like if he and Baby G had never moved in together. He's basically a good cook and pretty clean, but we don't think he was fully prepared for the stresses of having two Yankees as roommates for what ended up being two weeks. Props to you, Barnsey... we tried to stay out of your way as best we could and help out where we were able, but you handled it like a pro and are just as deserving of a vacation as anyone. The good news is, as we write this, Barnsey is in Auckland for a few days getting some R&R. Well played, Bro.

But because it was the home of a single guy, Baby G had her fill of "dirt men don't see". She took it upon herself, just to be more comfortable (and it was the least we could do) to tidy up and sort things out for us guys. All the credit in the world to you, too, BG. Nicely handled.

In return for Baby G's hard work both on and off the vineyard, we figured the least we could do was have more meat than she had ever been subjected to for every. Single. Meal. Lots, and lots, and lots of it. Seriously. We've been living off of steak, chicken, rice, fruit and coffee for two weeks. Dizzle commented yesterday, "I think in the last two weeks I've had more bananas than I ever did before, combined."

One of the final pieces to this two week excursion is something only a few of you know about. Our Kiwi friends have been made aware (we couldn't hide it), but everyone Stateside will be interested to see. A picture is worth a thousand words, but please allow Dizzle to preface the following montage with two comments. 1. It was hot. 2. Mom, it'll grow back. :)
Jake said Dizzle looks like a goat. But whoever said goats can't be punk-rock?? Not us.
Be good.


Paul said...

I likes the beard more trim, but I think I prefer the unbeardered diz.

Did you realize it was your hair making your head hot, so one night you shaved it all off?

(vote for Pedro!)

Baby G & Dizzle said...

...after this picture was taken, I made myself a dang quesadilla and built Baby G a cake.