Long week, short post.

Everyone, Dizzle here. We're sorry we haven't updated in awhile, but we are currently hard at work in the middle of nowhere 'netting the vines' for a vineyard. It involves a lot of hammering and tying wire and sweating. So we decided to stay an extra week to finish the job, natch.

Soon we'll be blogging stories and pictures you'll find interetsing (or not, we don't care). I've decided to preview them for you here so you have something to which you can look forward. I have also decided to post them in the fashion of the title pages from the old Bullwinkle & Rocky [sic] cartoons, because I am a bonehead and I fondly remember the little guy who would sweep up the rose petals after the parade.

~Pavlova (or: The Dessert that Sweats Sweet)
~Dizzle Fires a Gun (or: Give Him a Shot)
~Meat (or: Wanna Know What we Have When we Eat? Hint: It's Rare)
~Yum Chow Pt. II (or: Go Ahead - You'll be Hungry Again in an Hour)
~Wellington Hurricanes vs. Auckland Blues Rugby Match (or: Bloody Good Sports)
~Our Last Week on the Vineyard (or: Stop Whining)
~Ten Cups of Coffee a Day (or: Pressing On) (or: Slaving to the Grind) (or: Working Close to the Grounds) (I'll accept your own submissions for this one. Go ahead and percolate on it awhile.)

There'll be more. Thanks for humoring me.



Jake said...

This post is the shit. First off, you maintain scrupulous grammar standards, i.e. "something to which you can look forward." Secondly, the R&B titles concept is undoubtedly a winner. I just can't say enough good things about this post, even if you did mix up the proper order of Rocky & Bullwinkle's names.

Baby G & Dizzle said...

Thanks, Jake! I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to comment. Forward this post to everyone you know -- I'd like a few more coffee-related puns to add to the end. Also, I added a "[sic]" to the R&B reference, as that's what someone who maintains scrupulous grammar standards does.

See, everyone?! JAKE commented! You can, too, you pansies.

Thanks, Bud. Love from Rohan.