Friends of ours.

I (Dizz) woke up this morning to an upsetting chat with my buddy Paul. Check this out. I can speak for Baby G (she's at work) when I say we hope everything works out okay with the insurance and whatnot. Sounds like he could use some friendly voices. I am urging people who read THIS blog to comment on that one and send support. Even if you've never met Paul... I am sure he and his wife Sue would appreciate knowing people from NY, NJ, DC, NZ, etc are sending good thoughts.

This accident (thankfully no one was hurt!) occured on icy roads in upstate New York. Kiwis, if you don't know what the environment is like there, think Nov. - Apr. like where Santa lives. What stung worse than knowing I was on the other side of the planet when I found out about this (and there is therefore no easy way to offer any kind of help) was that when I looked outside, I realized it's like 85 degrees and sunny today. Talk about your mental chickens coming home.

Today I continue to look for a job that I can start on the 19th. BG and I got set up working on a vinyard next week for the same cats (Andrew and Rona) we worked for LAST week. The price is right, and accomodation is included, so with guitar and computer in hand, we're gonna go do some hard, dirty work in wine country for awhile. We leave Sunday. Thankfully, not before

LEIGH'S BIRTHDAY! We don't know how old she's turning. All we know is that J&L's mates Andrew & Mandy, and Steve & Anna are coming over and we're all going to have...

...wait for it...

CHILI CHEESE DOGS! Leigh is a chef, as you know, so she's making chili (and ice cream for dessert) from scratch. BG and I are assisting in the purchase of sides, condiments, and the franks themselves, and we're going to BBQ all afternoon. We're really looking forward to it.

So we'll be accessible next week, but probably bruised and a little cut up, we'll see. There'll be more to come on here in the next couple days, as well. For now, we're fine. Tired, and a little sunburned, but otherwise happy. Please keep the emails and comments coming, as we miss EVERYBODY, and pretty much go through our roster every day wondering how each of you are. There are things happening in the States that we wish we could be around for (car accident recovery, foot surgery, wedding planning, etc.), so for those who wish we could be around as well, please know we're thinking of you and love you very much.

For those of you who are GLAD we're not around (Sebastien, Tom White, etc.), we're still over here on the other side of the pond, soaking up rays and laughing at the fact that you're probably at work right now. :P

Peace out.

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Susanne said...

Hey, just stopped by to say that I love the blog and find it fun to read about your New Zealand highjinks. Keep up the blogfest! You both are good at it. Glad to hear about all of the fun you guys are having. Stay safe. Hope to see you again when you return to the States!