Scroll down for the big post about our weekend and upcoming plans. We just wanted to give you the picture of Scott we promised.

I'll republish the comments when I get a chance. In the meanwhile, we miss you, Buddy!


Baby G & Dizzle said...

As promised, the original comments:
Jake said: Jesus Christ! I need to see this in person. Must schedule snuggle date with Scotty STAT!!! It's so funny--Jenn works at Imagination Stage now and she said she's going to be working with Scott on some project. I giggle every time she says that. Work? Scott? There's no work that involves Scott! I just keep thinking of him stumbling around your apartment shitfaced grabbing people's crotches. Someone's going to pay this man to do something? What's happening to this country?

Paul said: Dear lord, that's frightening. I hope that's a transition point to another hair cut, not an end to itself. For some reason, Scott reminded me of Billy Chenowith from Six Feet Under even before seeing this picture, but now it's even more engrained. Maybe it's just appearances, but I don't know...

Divine Momma said: Guys, This isn't about Scott -- let him get his own blog! Love, [Dizzle]'s Mom :)

Baby G & Dizzle said...

Yeah, Mom, it's not about Scott, but I was the one who PROMPTED him to go Buddhist, so ... you know ... it's a 'props' thang.

Kevin said...

shouldn't he learn to swim first ?