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Jason was still wryly amused that we hadn't taken the ORIGINAL picture of them down, since it was published in cyberspace for the whole world to see. We told him, "Jay, Dude, we don't know that many people...and NO ONE reads this thing!" but he didn't believe us. So, I just changed it. Scroll down or look for the post entitled "New Flatmates" to see the changes. I like it. Happy now? :)

Also, because we needed something accurate of him, here's the picture taken just this evening at this wicked fun jazz concert we four went to (..."to which the four of us went"):

Something else exciting happened today... Ready? DIZZLE DROVE ON THE LEFT! For those of you who HAVE been out of the country but have NOT ever been behind the wheel there, please take it from him: Totally weird. Don't ever let anyone tell you it's exactly the same, because it's really really not. The pedals are all the same (gas on the right) but everything else is flipped around all topsy turvy. That said, you get used to it, and it's pretty fun. Of course, if we'd been in a BUS, it might not have been. We were in a 1991 Nissan Figaro that looks like this:

...So it was pretty badass.

There's more pics to post and more details coming, but for now it's late and we're both looking forward to crawling into bed and getting a very deep night's sleep. We're taking a 6-hour hike on Sunday that we'll be posting about soon as well, so keep an eye out.

You're all missed. Last call for alcohol,



Peong said...

Sweet ride! I have only driven on the other side of the road a few times, and did ok, but the four way stops killed me. I made a mantra - I am the middle - and said it to myself all the time and it seemed to help. The problem is when E does all the driving and then we come back, and I am still sitting on the same side of the car. Driving down an unlined road the day after getting back from one of the trips to tnt I had that moment of "why is that guys on my side of the road?"

Oh, next time, try driving a manual transmission. (insert evil laugh here)(and again)

Paul said...

ooh, what a neat little car. I'm jealous of the driving on the left thing; that's an experience I want.

I have an idea, how about giving the phlatmates the camera and letting them take their own picture that they like?

Baby G & Dizzle said...

Good call, guys! Paul, Jason took one today. We'll post it soon...

Melisa K. said...

someone let you drive their car on the left?? trust, man.

by the way--i TOTALLY read your last post about the phlatmates and said "hmm, I wonder if they thought he would take that other picture down"


han said...

whenever i drive on the left, i hit the wipers to signal that i'm turning.

glad you guys finally made it to NZ.

happy new year.