Why Baby G doesn't post.

I know you all have been asking, "I love this blog! It is my homepage and my wallpaper and my screensaver and in my favorites list on my Blackberry, but how come I never hear from Baby G?"

The answer is simple: She doesn't like you. She posts all the time, but has the settings as such that YOU cannot read them, thereby allowing passive-aggresive trash-talking that you can't access but that everyone else talks about behind your back. Happy now?

In all seriousness (because THAT ever happens), Baby G is working really hard for the last couple weeks in DC. Once we get over the ocean, she'll start blogging like a madwoman and posting pictures and all sorts of things - I promise.

In the meantime, please accept my apologies that, for now, you seem to be stuck with the rambling prose of a Dizzle - which is his first foray into any kind of creative writing since community college, where he once wrote a story about his friend falling into a bonfire by accident. They're making it into a movie. It's going to be called, "El Fuego de Dizzle". Start keeping an eye on your favorite Central American DVD shelf, as it will be coming soon.



Eric said...

"Friend falling into a fire" is the plot of the story you wrote? That's depressing dude. All my creative writing in college tended to focus on ladies getting neked:)

Baby G & Dizzle said...

As I recall, my friend was the one in the story keeping all the hot women from getting naked. As soon as he fell in the fire, it was NAKED TIME! *Ping!*

Nice to see you two!