Sunday Morning Music

We changed our clocks back last night and so now I'm awake and thinking about getting donuts for me and my lady. It seems people wait intentionally to better things until I'm no longer a part of them. A few examples:

They got a brand new theatre facility at Warwick Valley High School plus 20 or so classrooms to ease overcrowding in 1999. I graduated in '97.

AU couldn't handle all of it's students, so it bought a set of condos on Westbard Ave. in Bethesda and started running a free shuttle every 15 minutes from there to main campus. Two years before, I was living on Westbard Ave and waiting for a Maryland "RideOn" bus to take me to the Friendship Heights Metro so I could take the train to Tenleytown and then hop the shuttle to main campus. It used to be an hour commute to go 2 miles (once spring hit, I did start walking it).

Speaking of AU and theatres, we graduated in '02. State-of-the-art facility on Wisconsin Ave. grand opening: 2003.

"Don't worry, we're renovating, you'll LOVE it when it's done...it'll fix all of these complaints and inconveniences." Place: DC Improv Comedy Club. Time: 8/02 - 5/06. Renovations actually START: 8/06.

So I'm usually right on the cusp of these things. Baby G would say "Yes, Dear, you're into stuff before anyone else discovers it and you make it so popular that people need to renovate or expand, but by that point you've moved onto something else." She get sarcastic. My sister, YaYa, would say, "It's not all about you, Princess."

You know what I say? If they open a White Castle restaurant anywhere in the vicinity of NorthWest Washington DC between January and June of '07, I'm hiring myself out as an unlucky psychic. It won't be a successful business until right after I leave, however.

The point is: They opened a Dunkin' Donuts on 17th Street last month, and that's where I'm going this morning to get my lady breakfast and go through more crap. I swear to God, our apartment is in BOXES right now. Maybe I'll go build a fort. Nah, no fort...somebody'd go and make it way cooler right after I left it.

Have a good day,

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Anonymous said...

When you make your grand entrance, they realize they're substandard and they have to raise the bar to keep up with how utterly cool you are. You just happen to be on to updating the next town by the time they actually get their act together!

PS. Glad to know I'm getting through. Love you. -Sis